Hymns don't match the Liturgy of the Hours Books

The hymns are one of the few places where we are allowed flexibility. We select appropriate hymns in the Liturgy of the Hours, just as we do in the Mass. Over the years, we made every attempt to match the hymns used in the Liturgy of the Hours books, but some hymns are not available because no suitable recording of them are known or most commonly, copyrights prohibit their free use. When we can't find and use a matching hymn we select available hymns that nourish prayer, have doctrinal and literary excellence, and are fitting to the Hour.

We are constantly in search of matching hymns. We hope that you will report back to us when you find suitable recordings.

We are actively seeking the hymns provided within the Mundelein Psalter because they are translations of very early hymns used in the Liturgy of the Hours and they are the most likely hymns to be used when the new translations are released in a few years.

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