Wrong Concluding Prayers? (They are just more up-to-date)

The concluding prayer of many of the Hours is taken from the Collect Prayer used in the Mass. With the new English translation of the Roman Missal the Collect Prayers changed and so changed many, but not all, of the concluding prayers we provide.

This is one of the great benefits of our digital platform in that we can adapt to changes in both written and audio forms and when it becomes apparent that the Holy See, actually the Congregation for Divine Worship, decrees or shows a preference that we do something in a different way we are able to rapidly adapt and so help thousands of people also adapt without purchasing books, pamphlets, or other such items that might impede praying the Liturgy of the Hours. Our ministry is doing its very best to keep an easily accessible version of the Liturgy of the Hours free to anyone desiring to worship.

This bellow is a quote from a recent USCCB Committee on Divine Worship Newsletter:

"The Committee further suggested that certain other substitutions could also be made, but noted that these adaptations were optional and not required. For example, there are many instances in which the concluding prayer at various hours of the Liturgy of the Hours coincides with the Collect at that day’s Mass. A person who recites the Liturgy of the Hours privately or who leads this prayer in common is free to use the new translation of the prayer if so desired, but would equally be free to continue using the older version printed in the breviary."